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Accepting Site Ownership

Site ownership can only be accepted in the Wix account associated with the email address that the site was transferred to. If you do not have a Wix account with this email address, you can create one.

To accept site ownership:

  • Check your email account for an email with the subject line Wix Website is Being Transferred to You.

  • Click Accept Transfer in the email and sign in to your Wix account (if you are not already signed in).


Note: If you don't have an account, click Sign Up to create one.

  • Review the transfer details and click Next.

  • Enter your billing information and click Next.

  • Enter the domain contact information and click Complete Transfer.



If you receive a site without any paid services, simply click Accept Transfer and sign in to your account (or click Sign Up to create one). You will be required to enter billing information during this transfer process.

The billing information that you add in step 4 is used to renew your paid services at the end of the subscription period. You are not charged while accepting the transfer. These services are set to renew automatically. If you do not want them to, you can switch the auto renewal option off. 

To upgrade your site

  • Sign in to your Wix account.

  • Click Upgrade Now and purchase the relevant plan.


Connecting a Domain Purchased Elsewhere

Wix Stores: Accessing Store Tabs in Your Wix Dashboard

Manage your products, orders, and more using the Store tabs in your site's Dashboard.

Store Products tab

Manage products and collections.


Products: From here you can create new products, edit existing ones, change a product's visibility and more.


To learn how to create new products: Learn More 

Go to your site's Store Products tab.



Inventory: Update your inventory stock levels.

Go to your site's Inventory tab.

Collections: Organize your products into collections so you can display different collection in different product galleries.

Go to your site's Store Collections tab.


Find Product to Sell: Check out all the available Dropshipping options.

Go to the Find Products to Sell tab.


Accessing the Payment Setup

Before you can start selling, you need to set up how you are going to be paid. This is done in the Accept Payments page in your site's dashboard. In most cases, Wix automatically connects you to the most suitable provider available in your region. Options can include:

Wix Payments: Connect to Wix's own Payment provider.

Credit Card: Connect to a third-party payment provider (e.g. Square, Stripe) to accept credit card payments.

PayPal: Accept payments through PayPal. Note that if you select the PayPal option, customers can pay by credit card even if they do not have a PayPal account.

Manual: Accept cash, payment though apps, checks, bank transfers, or any other form of payment that is not tracked online. When selecting this method, customers see instructions at checkout explaining how to complete payment.


This is what the payment part of your checkout looks like after adding payment methods:

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